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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Consultant - Let us help you meet your strategic planning goals

A strategic planning consultant can make the difference in guiding and aligning organizational direction.

It’s easier to solve a problem or complete a task if you have a plan.

That seems obvious, but most businesses or organizations don’t take the time to conceive and execute a strategic plan before launching into a course of action. Such haste usually doesn’t work out well. That’s where Finlayson Consulting can help.

How do you develop a successful strategic plan? By understanding not only the problem, task or issue that the plan will address, but especially the client’s history, culture, assets, challenges and resources. Finlayson Consulting takes these strategic planning steps and consistently achieves success for our clients.

A good strategic plan can set the stage for many successful endeavors like:

  • Starting a business
  • Strategic crisis management
  • Launching a new product or service
  • Promoting a community event or celebration
  • Creating a not-for-profit organization
  • Influencing government policy


As a successful strategic planning consultant, Finlayson consulting has been devising strategic plans for clients for thirty years, and then working with those clients to execute the plans to achieve the desired results.

This includes creating two permanent not-for-profit advocacy associations out of ad hoc organizations, and reinventing and reinvigorating a third organization. Finlayson Consulting manages all three organizations today, based on the original strategic planning, with a combined three decades of successful operations.

A strategic plan is only successful if a company or organization agrees with its direction and is willing to carry it out. That’s why Finlayson Consulting works closely with clients at the outset of the strategic planning process to understand the particular culture, issues, assets and challenges that clients bring to the task at hand. Finlayson Consulting has great success in boiling complex information down to understandable tasks and pulling diverse goals and visions into a cohesive, clear and accountable plan.

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