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Consulting Services

SEO - Employing search engine marketing strategies


Our Digital Marketing Consultants
are experts in Search Engine Optimization and will get your website the exposure you’re looking for online.

Social Media - Consulting solutions for social media

Podcast Marketing

Finlayson Consulting, LLC will act as a consulting partner for your podcast and help with content marketing and publishing best practices.

Raleigh Capital Building


Finlayson Consulting, LLC has been lobbying
for over 30 years and can represent you
at any level of government
you wish to impact.

Full Service Public Affairs Consulting
Consulting - full service public affairs and seo service company

Finlayson Consulting is a one of a kind marketing firm that offers full-service public affairs consulting and Digital Marketing services. Whether you’re looking for a partner to facilitate information to policy makers at the local, state or federal level or market your business online, Finlayson Consulting offers custom solutions that fit your needs.

We understand the unique challenges that come with advocating with the government or having your website rank on Google. We also, fully understand how much time and energy it takes to understand how to communicate your points of view to customers or influencers, or enhance your website’s “page one” views. Ultimately, that’s time and energy that’s being taken away from the other day-to-day responsibilities of your business or organization.

Our consultants offer a variety of solutions that cover:

  • Public Relations
  • Government Affairs
  • SEO & Internet Marketing
  • Facebook Ads for Small Business

Finlayson Consulting  has great experience with traditional methods of public relations, government affairs and marketing, but it also understands the value of modern digital marketing and web and social media optimization for customers who want to maximize their reach to customers in today’s digital marketplace.

When Google recognizes your website and directs customers to it, that helps maximize the value of your business, while limiting the amount of online leads from your competition. We provide simple SEO and search marketing strategies that help elevate your website’s presence online, all while allowing you to focus on what you do best. Our online marketing specialists will provide your website or social media accounts the tools they need to be successful while providing you with reports and updates every step of the way.

So if you have an issue you need a partner for, contact Finlayson Consulting  and we will represent your interests with the right people in the right way. Call to schedule a consultation or a website audit today.

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