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Public Relations Marketing - pr marketing and advertising strategies

Finlayson Consulting assists many clients with their marketing and advertising strategies and execution. Finlayson brings a disciplined approach to identifying a client’s most important markets or audiences, the most effective media for reaching them and the key messages to convey to best promote the client’s products, services or mission. But Finlayson also brings a creative and effective vision to the campaigns themselves; instinctively understanding which words, slogans, images and tones best tell the client’s story.

Finlayson Consulting partners with some of the best regional marketing and advertising agencies, graphic artists, photographers, web site designers and media outlets to provide the most effective campaign or product for the client. From small jobs like creating a corporate logo or designing a brochure up to coordinating a multi-media marketing campaign, Finlayson Consulting has the experience, skills and creativity to enable the client to achieve success.

Before founding his company, Marc Finlayson was Weyerhaeuser’s public affairs manager for the corporation’s North Carolina operations from 1991 to 2002. In that capacity he was responsible for conceiving and carrying out Weyerhaeuser’s regional advertising. Working with Charlotte agency Price McNabb, Finlayson won numerous international and national awards for Weyerhaeuser’s recycling ad campaigns including three Clio Awards, the London International Advertising Award, the Cannes Advertising festival Silver Lion and the Mobius Award from the Museum of Broadcast History

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