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Lobbying is a word that takes on two different meanings to people.

Lobbying either suggests a mysterious way that powerful people influence government; or it implies that the influence is somehow underhanded or illegal.

Neither is true.

Government affairs or “lobbying” is a simplified expression describing how companies and organizations communicate with governments to make their points of view known to policy makers and potentially impact laws or regulations.  Lobbying is not really mysterious, and it is certainly not illegal.

Lobbying is simply a way of professionally marketing information to policy makers, and can apply to communications at the local, state or federal level.  A good lobbyist knows how to communicate his client’s positions, opinions or requests to the right people who can make a difference.  A good lobbyist is honest, well informed and persuasive – and can open the right doors for his clients.

Marc Finlayson has been lobbying for clients this way for over 30 years and can represent you now with whatever level of government you wish to impact.  He can synthesize complex information and get it to the right people in the right way.

These are the policy makers that a lobbyist can influence:

  • Congress
  • Federal agencies
  • State legislatures
  • State agencies
  • Appointed boards and commissions
  • Local governments


So if you have an issue you want policy makers to consider or an opinion about laws or regulations that you want policy makers to hear, contact Finlayson Consulting and we will create a government relations strategy that represents your interests with the right people in the right way.

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