How to Generate Leads Online as a Criminal Defense Attorney in Eastern, NC

Search engine optimization is such a simple way to get online leads as a local business, yet it remains an underutilized resource. Each month, Finlayson Consulting will be providing online marketing tips to local Eastern, NC businesses on how to generate leads online. This month, we are looking at marketing tips for criminal defense attorneys […]

Local Digital Marketing tips for CPA’s in Eastern NC

Google rules everything online. It’s far and away the most visited site on the internet and effectively serves as the gateway into the digital world. According to SearchEngineLand, Google has an estimated 5.6 billion searches performed every day. That equates to approximately 63,000 searches per second. Just a staggering statistic. With how heavily people rely […]

3 Easy Ways You Can Turn YouTube Into A Success For Your Business

In the world of digital and online marketing, the name of the game is bringing users to your website and creating engaging content for those users. With those two pieces of the puzzle, there is a good chance that you can convert those users into buying your products or services. Perhaps no site or platform […]

3 Free & Easy Ways to Optimize your Website

Most business owners understand that ranking on Google is an important part of online marketing. Having your website show up at the top of a search on Google can make a huge difference in the amount of leads and new customers you accrue each month and we all know that more leads & customers equals […]

3 Tips About SEO That Seasonal Business Owners Can’t Afford To Miss

In my experience with Digital Marketing and SEO, I’ve worked a lot of business and different business types. My advice to all of them has been the same: invest in SEO. Your business and website will always be able to benefit from it regardless of the size of your marketing budget. The longer that you […]